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Roland's Decades of Innovation - Unveiling Cutting-Edge Audio and Video Technology for Single Operators

For over half a century, Roland has been at the forefront of digital music technology. Since 1972, they have shaped the landscape of modern music and introduced countless seminal products to the market. 

Holdan are proud to supply Roland products to customers here in the UK and Ireland, offering cutting-edge solutions to audio and video professionals and transforming the way countless productions are managed.

Five decades of development is bound to result in some pretty impressive technology, and Roland is living proof of this. From switches and mixers to synthesizers and instruments, this is a company that holds quality above all else. Among Roland’s most notable strengths, however, is bringing professional functions together in devices and systems that can be operated by a single user while still producing extraordinary results. Whatever the industry, be it retail, corporate, live events, houses of worship, education, film or gaming, Roland has placed the powers of audio and video production into the hands of individual users across the world, allowing one person to do the work of a team of production engineers.

Take the V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher, for example, a portable hybrid event switcher that does it all. With eight 3G SDI inputs, eight 1080p HDMI inputs, seven outputs across a range of port types and a 40-channel digital audio mixer, among countless other features, the V-160HD is the perfect example of the sheer quantity of functionality that Roland compresses into their compact, single-operator devices.

In fact, it was the V-160HD that was used to incredible effect by Midwich at the highly anticipated 2021 AV Awards in London, an event attended by over 1,000 people. Midwich Live hosted a pre-show livestream, the success of which centered around the flawless function and limitless adaptability of the Roland V-160HD.

As expected, with Roland tech at the ready, the livestream was a roaring success.

So, Roland are good at making compact hardware for single-operator use, but what about their software?

Across Roland products, advanced audio processing programming is leveraged to get the highest level of performance out of every device and every input. Compared to similar products, Roland makes sure that their switches, converters and other products all pack a technological punch that’s well above their weight.


Roland V-160HD


Roland VR-400UHD


Roland SR-20HD

From filmmaking to music production, Roland ensures that their devices consistently remain at the cutting edge of AV industries, making the most of the newest advancements in technology, programming and manufacturing. After all, the closer they are to the cutting edge, the closer their users are too.

But you don’t need to take our word for it on all this. Roland has been inundated with awards for their technological prowess for many years, with accolades from Red Dot, IF Design, CES, NAMM Tec and more.

The Roland VR-400UHD 4K Streaming AV Mixer bagged the Best of Show award at 2023’s AV Technology InfoComm. This powerful and intuitive solution, again able to be operated by just one user, provided exceptional versatility with two side-by-side touchscreens through which all aspects of production can be effortlessly controlled. Compact and easy to transport, the VR-400UHD supports 4K/60fps data, comes with Region of Interest technology, allowing users to create multiple shots from a single 4K camera feed and boasts seven HDMI inputs and built-in scalers for seamless switching and mixing.

Or take the Roland SR-20HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer, which took 2022’s rAVe Best Streaming Product of Infocomm award. This compact mixer allows users to produce content and encode livestreams with ease, supported by built-in encoders for two simultaneous streams, Adaptive Bitrate to reduce freezing and dropouts and Safety delay to avoid live mistakes being broadcast. These features, and many more, have allowed Roland to make an indelible mark on the AV industry, putting the power of entire product teams in the hands of individuals.

Roland is highly respected in the industry, and rightly so. They produce devices and solutions that delight resellers, installers and end users alike, producing tech that will undoubtedly serve the needs of your customers flawlessly.

And guess what?

Life at the front of the AV industry just got even better.

From 1st January 2023, all new Roland products have come with a 3-year warranty, delivering not only incredible tech but also peace of mind to customers and users. Now the very best in digital music tech will not only offer users industry-leading performance but also security that their investment will hold well into the future.

As ever, our team are always available and on hand to provide any support required with Roland products, so get in touch!

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